Activity rooms

Bluebell Room: birth – 1 year old

Bluebell Room

Our Bluebell Room is designed to be an extension of the home environment, where your child will feel safe and secure. The ambience is created by soft furnishings and tranquil sounds to allow your baby to feel comfortable in their new setting. The staff have developed a programme of activities designed for the younger child which meets the Pre-Birth to Three criteria.

Buttercup Room: 1 – 2 years

Buttercup room

Once your child finds their feet and are confident in walking they will progress here. The buttercup room will introduce your child to more tactile and messy activities which will encourage your child’s confidence in using varied and interesting materials. Language is also a key development area of the Pre Birth to Three Curriculum and all staff are very aware of the importance of communication and language. Your child will have the opportunity to learn to interact socially with their peers and will become a confident, independent individual ready to move on to their next stage of learning in the Cherry Blossom room.

Cherry Blossom Room: 2 – 3 years

Cherry Blossom RoomYour child will progress here at 2 years old where they will be encouraged to develop self-confidence and independence. Each child’s opinions will be listened to and used in the planning of activities to further their interests and learning experiences. Play is a very important part of your child’s developmental stage of learning and here in this room we offer your child a variety of play materials and experiences to enable them to be more aware of themselves and the world around them.

Snowdrop & Sunflower Rooms: 3 – 5 years

Snowdrop Room (2)Your child will progress here at 3 years old, where they will follow the Curriculum for Excellence. Your child will become active learners, they will become motivated children who are engaged in tasks and have a clear purpose which will enable them to retain and learn more, enabling them to take their knowledge and apply it to different situations in their daily life. The staff will encourage your child to take an active part in their learning process by participating in the planning, making informed choices, taking responsibility for their learning and offering ideas for improvements. They use their floor book to engage with children and obtain their opinions and ideas about their own learning for staff to plan activities and experiences around this. The rooms are split in two and your child will experience both rooms over the course of the day.

Sunflower Room